#WIN-WIN Referral Rewards Program

The best compliment we can receive from you is a referral to a friend or family member. As a show of our appreciation for your confidence in our services, we created a Referral Rewards Program that gives you $100 Visa gift card for each new referred client—plus rewards them with a $99 credit toward their app fee, or in other words, a $0 sign up!

Every Time you Refer Someone to SureCo Health & Life:

1. A $100 Visa gift card for each Valid Referral who becomes a new health share program client.

2. And, your referred friend or family member gets a $99 credit for their application fee, making their cost to sign up $0.

That’s what we call a #WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

What Qualifies as a Referral?

A referral is when we are contacted by someone that you referred to us who mentions your name and enrolls into a medical health sharing program. Don’t worry about tracking the referrals you send our way, we ask every time! So just be sure your friend or family member mentions you by name when we ask.